When I say “I can’t wait to go Boating this Summer” what's the first thing that pops into your head? 

I am sure it is a little different if you are a boat owner or a person who enjoys someone else's boat. 

If you are the person who doesn’t own a boat I am sure you had images flash in your head of hanging out at the sand bar, watching a child water ski for the first time, hanging out at a Yacht Club listening to tunes watching the sunset after a long day of boating. 

If you are a boat owner. I am sure the first thing that popped into your head is a list of chores you have to get done before the winter is over so your boat is ready to go. Register the boat, Register the trailer, renew your insurance, pray you have a dock space for next season, go through the checklist from your marine Mechanic that you know in the back of your head says you need a tune-up, new batteries, fix the radio, new bottom paint, detailing and waxing (or maybe you will tell yourself you will do that this year, knowing you won’t). This is all before you even see your boat to realize that moisture ruined all your life jackets and upholstery. You had a mouse set up shop in your bilge. Etc Etc Etc….

With all that said both groups would agree there is nothing better than being out on the water. But that is just it. It’s not about the material items; the boat, the wakeboard etc. It is about the experience. 

That is where the Boat Club comes in. Why deal with all the grief of being a boat owner when you can just get the boating experience with your family and friends and leave all the grief to us?

With the Boat Club, we take care of all Winterization, buying/selling of boats, insurance, mechanical issues, securing a dock, safety equipment, registration, etc. As a member, you simply book the boat you want for when you want it. Go enjoy the boat and return it at the end. No per use fee, completely unlimited for the cost of Membership.

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Many people love boating, but do not consider it something they want to be burdened with a...

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