Many people love boating, but do not consider it something they want to be burdened with all year round.  Changing oil, winterizing, trailering, and all of the other "not so fun" parts of boat ownership make that precious time when you are actually on the water seem less worth it.  Now, you don't have to worry about those things!  For a great deal less money, you can have your boating fun and leave the rest to us! 

How Much Will I save in one year and 5 years?
Year One based on a $50k boat 

Boat OwnershipBoat Club
Money Down at Closing$600*$0
Winter Storage$1200$0
Boat Slip at Akwa$4800**$0

One Time signing Fee$0$1200***
Yearly Membership Fee$0$3900

Total Year One$26,080$5100

Year Two$24,580$3900
Year Three$24,580
Year Four$24,580
Year Five$24,580

Five Year Total Cost$124,400$20,700

Most boat owners don't want to acknowledges the true cost of boat ownership, or the the time that they lose fixing the boat that they could be spending with their family out on the water. No Matter if you want to join for one year or for 5 years, the boat club really is the best deal in the Lakes Region, not only do you save ~$20k in the first year, and over $100k in 5 years, but you avoid all the problems and headaches of boat ownership. 

This table is only meant to help illustrate the costs for comparison, actually cost of boat ownership vary wildly. 

*the mortgage is based on 50k with $600 down at 1.99% for 5 years. No closing costs. 

**The boat slip cost is based on the minimum cost of a slip at Akwa Marina Yacht Club for 2017

*** The one time signing fee of $1200 is exactly that. You pay the signing fee of $1200 and never pay it again as long as you are a member and keep up with the yearly Membership fee of $3900. The boat club agreements run for one year, you do not have to renew. 

+ Depreciation can be viewed in different ways+

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We currently have 5 boats.  They from time to time based on the 

240 Berkshire Tri-toon

210 Berkshire Pontoon

22' StingRay Deck Boat

210 SLX Wakeboard SeaRay

210 SLX SeaRay

Photos may not be up to date as boat change. Best thing to do is take a tour :)

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